Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Panhandle Technical College  is to provide students with instruction in academic and technical training at competency levels, or above those required for employment and  advancement in existing or potential occupational fields.


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UPDATED 1098t form is available for download from your FOCUS account. To request a printed correction, please call student services

at 850-638-1180 ext 6317

If you received CARES funds, that amount will be included in Box "5" of the 1098t form IRS CARES guidelines may be found here

1098ts available

To access your 1098 login to FOCUS > go to the "Print 1098"
on the sidebar menu> choose year (2020)> "print" or "view" as needed.

From Left:  Larry Moore, FPTC Interim Director, Chris Parrish, Rookie Teacher of the Year - Welding Instructor, Rita Smalley, Employee of the Year -  Financial Aid Officer, Shirley Morris, Teacher of the Year - Nursing Director, Joe Taylor, Washington County School Superintendent.
VFW annually recognizes the nation’s top classroom elementary, junior high and high school teachers who teach citizenship education topics regularly and promote America’s history and traditions effectively.
FPTC Instructor Joli Hartzog was recently presented as the 2020-2021 - VFW Winner (Post 12046)
National Citizenship Education Teacher Post Recognition Award and National Citizenship Education Teacher District Recognition Award.


Florida Panhandle Technical College Ranked #1 by  Best Community Colleges of Florida#2 by NICHE!


CARES Emergency Funds

Starting April 5th, students may again apply for CARES Emergency Funds. If they want to apply, they may go into FOCUS for the link (HERE) to the application. Students must DOWNLOAD the application to complete it, then, turn it into Financial Aid for processing. If they do not have a printer, Financial Aid has copies ready to complete.

Since they must have completed an eligible FAFSA and be enrolled in a Title IV Eligible (PELL) CTE course to apply, dual enrollment students and those enrolled solely in adult ed are not eligible.
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FPTC Catalog Download

Get There

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an exciting and affordable option to the traditional university pathway. When you enroll at one of Florida’s 28 Florida College System institutions or 48 technical colleges, you have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of high-quality programs in our 17 career pathways – allowing you to quickly complete valuable credentials that you can stack along the way.


Download Governors Ron Desantis Letter Here!

CARES Report

CARES Act New Guidelines:


Beginning December 1, 2020

Student Application for CARES Act funds


To be eligible to receive emergency aid, you must meet all the qualifications below:


Must be currently enrolled in a Florida Panhandle  Technical College on campus CTE Program.Be in good standing.Have graduated from high school, home school, or have a  Florida High School Diploma from GED. Submitted a 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student  Aid (FAFSA).Do not owe an overpayment (refund) on Title IV grants  and not be in default on a Title IV loan.Not have fraudulently received Title IV funds.Be eligible for all other Title IV funding  requirements. Submit an application for CARES Act funds.

See CARES Act Application under Documents.