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Adult Basic Education

This program is the first step on the path to a high school equivalent diploma.  The content develops basic literacy skills in all areas of knowledge. All students are required totake the testof Adult Basic Education (TABE). If a student scores below 9.0 in Reading, Math, or Language, he/she is enrolled in Adult Basic Education. The content includes, but is not limited to, Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics.

Adult Basic Education is a non-credit course designed to develop literacy skills necessary to be a successful worker, citizen, and family member. Adult Basic Education prepares students to enroll in GED® preparation courses. 

The program is open-entry/open-exit, meaning a student may enroll or complete at any time. The student works at his own rate with the direction and assistance of a teacher. 

The program of study is determined by the individual’s TABE test assessment. The teacher develops an individualizedprescription of study for each student including differentiated class instruction, flexible schedules and performance-based evaluation to address those objectives not mastered in Reading, Math, and Language. When the prescription is completed, the student is post-tested on the TABE to determine progress.

The student begins on the academic level as determined by the pretest on the TABE and progresses through the levels to reach 9.0 or above.




  • Are 16 years or older and have legally left the secondary school system  
  • Do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Have earned a high school diploma, or its equivalent, but require remediation to obtain employment or pursue postsecondary education



Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.




757 Hoyt Street, Chipley FL 32428



Holmes County District Office Annex

211 West Iowa Street, Bonifay, FL  32425



General Educational Development (GED®) Preparation is available to individuals who:

- Are 16 years or older and have legally left secondary school system. 

- Do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent. 




TOTAL BATTERY w/ FPTC GED® Voucher - $100.00

INDIVIDUAL SUB-TEST -  $32.00  per test 

INDIVIDUAL SUB-TEST w/ FPTC GED® Voucher  $25.00  per test