Digital Video Technology

This program is designed to prepare students for initial employment as production assistants, audio/video equipment technicians, video/TV camera operators, video editors, multi-media artists/ animators and broadcast technicians. Students get hands-on training in the latest techniques for digital videography including professional video camera operation, on- and off-line editing, scripting, lighting, field/studio production, and video editing.

Audio & Video Equipment Technicians set up, or set up and operate audio and video equipment including microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables, sound and mixing boards, and related electronic equipment for concerts, sports events, meetings and conventions, presentations, and news conferences. 

Camera Operators, operate with video, or motion picture camera to record images or scenes for various purposes, such as TV broadcasts, advertising, video production, or motion pictures.

Film & Video Editors,  edit moving images on film, video, or other media. May edit or synchronize soundtracks with images. Excludes "Sound Engineering Technicians".

Pell Eligible

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Math 9.0, Language 9.0, Reading 9.0 - 16 years of age


900 HOURS/30 Weeks


Digital Videography - 450 Hours



Digital Audio-Video Technology - 300 Hours



Digital Video Direction and Production - 150 Hours

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