patient care technician                              

600 Hours/ 20 WEEKS 
PELL ELIGIBLE Program #H170694                                                               CareerSource ELIGIBLE CIP #0351.390205                                                                      TRI-County Community Council ELIGIBLE



The Patient Care Technician (PCT) program requires about six months of training. Nursing assistants commonly work in nursing care facilities and hospitals, but some are employed by doctors’ offices, community care facilities and home health care services. The program includes classroom lectures, hands-on training using medical equipment, practical exercises in labs, and real-world experience in a variety of medical facilities and provides more than a CNA certification.



Home Health Aide:Provide routine individualized healthcare such as changing bandages and dressing wounds, and applying topical medications to the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities at the patient's home or in a care facility. Monitor or report changes in health status. May also provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming of patient.

Nursing Assistant: Provide basic patient care under direction of nursing staff. Perform duties such as feed, bathe, dress, groom, or move patients, or change linens. May transfer or transport patients. Includes nursing care attendants, nursing aides, and nursing attendants. 


Level 2 Screening           @ WCSB                                 $ 51.25

TB Skin Test                                           $ 20.00

CPR Certification                                     $ 10.00 - $40.00

Patient Care Technician

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:                                            Immunization record from birth; physical exam or

AGE:                 18 years or older at time of program completion  waiver on file; TB Skin Test; current Hep B

                        (Students must be 18 yrs. or older to be eligible for testing)          immunization or a signed waiver on file.

DIPLOMA:         N/A                                                                        Immunizations and vaccines required. 

BASIC SKILLS REQUIREMENT:  MATH 10.0   LANGUAGE 10.0   READING 10.0 or meet other Basic Skills Requirements

Based on interest, an interview with the instructor may be included in the application process. 

Industry Certification:      Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - $237.21 Includes 2nd background screen for state. (Board of Nursing requires that individual must be 18 years or older to take certification exam) $82.21

Advisory Salary Range:             $18,720 - $28,000      

Florida Panhandle:                   $17,980 - $28,580

PH Average:                              $22,040                                  

State Average:                          $23,200                                              

National Average:                     $24,900

Program Completion Rate: 74%   -     Program Placement Rate: 100%    -     Program Licensure Pass Rate: 100%